side note from megan: sorry this post is soo late! thus a sunday post.  I figured, hey…while you’re recovering from your multiple food comas, you can listen to a great interview from a doctor!

OUR GOAL:  for this post is to break through some of the myths we accept about having children, dealing with break-ups, making love and why relationships are so hard. Let’s dig in!

Last Week: We talked to Phil and Verena Ferrante from bFitandLive and their quest to help personal trainers find clients better in EP.49, which you can check out right here.

Today: We’ve got Jennie Rosier, Ph.D, Assistant professor at James Madison University and love letter entrepreneur.  She runs Jen’s Love Letters a blog dedicated to sharing her research-based insights on relationships, marriage and parenting.

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Listen Time: ~ 37 mins

In this interview we talk about:

  • Jen’s 4 most important lessons from her blog
  • Highlights about her book
  • How to handle break ups
  • Why relationships are hard in the first place
  • How to prep for parenthood
  • The Sex War
  • The Chore War
  • The Gatekeeper War
  • and much more


Techy Tip: Make interactive images for your blog, website, whatever.  It’s pretty cool.


Tomorrow: We sit down with Nina from OhHeyNina blog where she’ll share with us her perspectives on relationships and making yourself better.

Biggest Lesson I Learned: from this interview was to let go of my selfishness, my control.  To let my partner do what he will do in his own way, and be okay with it.


Today’s Question for You: What did you pick up from our conversation? What about opinions on how to treat your man?  Interesting stuff there, leave your comment below.

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